Brasport, a family by your side.


Since 1946, three successive generations have been at the head of Brasport. Expertise, quality, tradition and generosity are among the values that symbolise our company. Most of all though, it is our sense of family that best defines us.

A sense of place that we instil into our offices and production sites all over the world. A sense of cohesion that wins suppliers’ confidence. A spirit of solidarity that unites our teams. And a sense of trust that makes each collaboration stronger.


Albert Dubois placed excellence uppermost, a value Brasport continues to uphold. Precision, intuition, exactingness and creativity are inherent to everything we do, at the same time celebrating a tradition started 68 years ago. The most prestigious leathers lend themselves to age-old gestures, performed by expert hands. Ingenious solutions are found to the most challenging requests. And throughout the decades, the same single-minded focus on excellence.


An order is always unique. Each time, Brasport responds with recommendations and analysis, research into techniques and the quest to find the perfect leather and tonality.

Discussions continue back and forth until Brasport is certain it understands your identity, which it will then faithfully transpose. A recreation of your DNA that implies working together, as partners. An art in which Brasport excels.


Passion is in our blood and in each article we produce. Passion governs our daily business and runs through all our discussions. Passion is the spark for each of our activities and the essence of everything we do, whether crafting leather, implementing your after-sales service, or manufacturing prototypes.