Expertise exported to the four corners of the globe.

Three generations, a head office, five production units, and five sales and after-sales offices: the family business established in 1946 has come a long way! The holding company now employs one thousand two hundred people in seven countries, and manufactures over five million items a year. While leather remains Brasport’s greatest strength, the Group has successfully branched out and now provides after-sales service, creates prototypes, manufactures inserts, and supervises inventory and supplies through an integrated management system. Brasport has grown naturally, over time, and each development has further strengthened the sense of family that unites the Dubois.

  • 1946 foundation by Albert Dubois
  • 1200 worldwide employees
  • 5 production centers
  • 5 millions products in 2019

Our production centres

Each of our production centres offers the twin advantage of a product development team alongside state-of-the-art machinery to design and manufacture your orders in line with the very latest technical and quality stipulations.





Our sales and after-sales offices

After-sales offices manage logistics on behalf of major watch brands for their replacement straps. Their locations have been carefully chosen to meet every possible demand while maintaining Swiss-Made quality of service in all four corners of the globe.

A sales office in your part of the world guarantees a point of contact whenever you need it. The office’s highly qualified manager meets with you, examines your needs, gives advice and directly manages your order in consultation with our Swiss head office and the different production centres. More than just an office, this is your one point of contact, there to assist you.

New York

Hong Kong