Excellence, a way of life.

Swiss quality

Brasport is at the head of a multi-site production tool which manufactures more than two million watch straps and leathergoods a year for every market segment. Standards of quality are the highest possible, wherever the site is located. The selected leathers are subjected to stringent physical testing and similarly rigorous chemical testing. They meet each country’s most restrictive standards and comply with regulations such as REACH and ROHS.

Our offices and production sites are all regularly inspected and some have been awarded ISO 9001 certification, proof of customer-oriented quality management. ISO 14001 certification testifies to Brasport’s commitment to the environment.


Brasport works with the best tanneries to supply our customers with the most noble, rare and finest quality leathers. We have developed long-term collaborations with suppliers that work to precise specifications, thereby enabling us to provide you with the best alligator leather, for example.

Exotic leathers guarantee

All our leather comes from farms which adhere to a code of ethics and a code of conduct. All our exotic leathers are subject to CITES regulations to guarantee their origin and traceability.

This agreement defines a legal framework and procedures to ensure that international trade in wild animal species does not threaten their survival and that biodiversity is respected.


Production, logistics, accounting, procurement, inventory management: Brasport’s custom-adapted enterprise resource planning (ERP) software monitors traceability, and ensures rapid response times and homogenous information. It is also a major source of information for our clients who can use it, for example, to place their orders. The guarantee of reliability and performance.


Brasport is versatile, quick to respond and highly qualified in its field, but none of these qualities would matter without the personal element that means each Brasport client enjoys tailor-made service.

Brasport will always find ways to accommodate your request, and satisfy your needs in the shortest possible time. Because it is the men and women behind the group, and behind this family spirit, who count.