Development and manufacture of first-fit watch straps.

Brasport is open to the world, and our values are the cornerstone of each new entity. Ours is a Swiss mentality, evident in our selecting of the most prestigious leathers, our unique and constantly renewed expertise, our craftsmanship, and how we organise our production centres and offices. Not forgetting the Swiss-Made quality – the guarantee of excellence – that defines every single item we make, whether for a bespoke order or in very large volumes.


We assist and advise you for each order. Thanks to our positioning in every segment of the market, we can match your exact requirements: quantities, leather quality, an exclusive creation or large-scale production, etc.


Brasport's values



Each order is unique, which is why we assist the client at every stage. You will appreciate our expertise, as well as our adaptability. Here to serve you, we are quick to respond and know when to anticipate too. Together we transform each order into a successful partnership.

A broad price range

Each article leaves our workshop with the guarantee of Swiss-Made excellence, which doesn’t mean a price tag to match! We are active in every segment of the market, hence our very competitive prices, whether for a bespoke order or large volume production.

Product development

We are constantly incorporating new techniques, new expertise and… new machines! Our state-of-the-art machinery ensures that we continue to meet the latest demands in terms of technology and creativity. Driven by innovation, our sites receive and fulfil the most complex orders.


We aim for perfection. We set out in search of the most prestigious, the most exclusive or the most original leather. And once we have found that rare gem, we submit it to a battery of physical and chemical quality tests. Only leather that has proven it meets our exacting standards joins our precious stock.


Our production sites

We will guide you towards the production site best suited to your requirements.
Wherever it may be, you are guaranteed to find the hallmark of a Brasport product: Swiss Made excellence.