How a family business grew into an international Group.


  • Albert Dubois founded Brasport, a manufacturer of watch straps and leather goods in La Chaux-de-Fonds, a town steeped in the culture of watchmaking and an ambassador for the excellence that is synonymous with Swiss-Made.

    Albert took full advantage of these exceptional conditions!

    His company, which employed some fifteen staff, was soon supplying the region’s leading names.


  • La Chaux-de-Fonds’ reputation travelled beyond Swiss borders. The region’s success was reflected within the company too, as Brasport doubled its workforce to some thirty people.


  • Albert handed over the reins to the second generation, sons Francis and Pierre-André, with Francis taking over management and Pierre-André responsible for production and technology.

    The number of large volume orders increased. Relocation of production marked an important milestone in Brasport’s history.


  • A new production site opened in Mauritius that would remain operational for ten years.


  • Opening of a new production site in China that would ultimately group all Brasport’s manufacturing activity on a single site employing 350 staff. Millions of watch straps are produced here, some destined for mass distribution and others finely-crafted products in batches of just a few hundred or thousand.


  • Alain, the third generation of the Dubois family, took the helm of what was now the Brasport Group. He engineered the company’s third and most important transition when he refocused activity on the high-end segment.

    Alligator, ostrich, python and other prestigious leathers made their debut at Brasport. Thus Alain Dubois adopted the atypical strategy to position the company in every segment.


  • Opening of a sales and after-sales office in Hong Kong.


  • Opening of a production site in Portugal.


  • Brasport purchased a metalworking shop which, two years later, was transferred to the head office buildings.

    Continuing its vertical integration, the group extended its range of competencies through a number of targeted acquisitions: product modeling, prototype machining, tool-making, manufacture of moulds, cases and inserts for watches.


  • Opening of a production site in Thailand.


  • Opening of sales and after-sales offices in New York and Shanghai.

  • The Brasport building in La Chaux-de-Fonds cut the ribbon on a new extension. The facade of the building is covered in a PVC membrane which, through a clever juxtaposition of Brasport logos and different shades of brown, suggests alligator scales.


  • Opening of an after-sales office in Tokyo.

  • The Brasport group embarked on a complete transformation, with a brand-new corporate identity.